A new generation of drilling fluid vibrating screen was successfully developed in Daqing

On May 22nd, a new generation of drilling fluid vibrating screen was successfully developed in Daqing. This product is developed by the drilling equipment manufacturing company of Daqing Oilfield Equipment Manufacturing Group and the Southwest Petroleum Institute. The DQZS-1 translational elliptical vibrating screen developed by the indoor bench test and drilling site shows that the product is not only in the drilling fluid processing capacity, The effect of chip removal and sand transport is superior to existing products at home and abroad, and it is superior to similar foreign products in performance and price. The vibrating screen is an auxiliary equipment for the oil drilling rig during the drilling process, which plays an important role in improving drilling speed and reducing equipment wear. In order to master the vibrating screen manufacturing technology, they invited Professor Zhang Minghong of Southwest Petroleum Institute to come to the company to teach the development of the world's vibrating screen manufacturing frontier and to manufacture core technologies. After hard work, they jointly developed a series of products such as circular vibrating screen, linear vibrating screen and linear elliptical vibrating screen with the Southwest Petroleum Institute. After being put on the market, they were welcomed by users. While absorbing the outstanding scientific and technological achievements of the national “Ninth Five-Year Plan” key scientific and technological research projects, they completed the DQZS-1 translational elliptical vibrating screen manufacturing task in April this year according to the special needs of users. Users gave a high evaluation after use, and the product promotion was only one month, they got 60 orders. At the same time, the successful development of this product marks that they have reached the international leading level in the field of vibrating screen manufacturing and enhanced the company's ability to participate in international competition in the field of vibrating screen.