What is the nature of organoclay?

Organoclay are manufactured by modifying bentonite with quaternary amines, a type of surfactant that contains a nitrogen iron. The nitrogen and ion exchanges onto the clay platelet for sodium or calcium. The amines used are of the long chain type with 12-18 carbon atoms. After some 30 per cent of the clay Surface is coated with these amines if becomes hydrophobic end, with certain amines, organophilic. mailto:info@camp-shinning.com

Classification of Bentonite?

There are two basic types of bentonite, sodium type and calcium type.
Sodium Type - This type has sodium in the crystal lattice and is sometimes referred to as Wyoming Bentonite. This type swells when wet and can increase as much as fifteen times its original volume when wet. Wyoming bentonite occurs in the Big Horn Basin, the Powder River Basin and along the western edge of the Black Hills. Because of this unique characteristic, Wyoming Bentonite is used as the standard against all other bentonite in the world is measured.

Calcium Type - This type has calcium in the crystal lattice and is sometimes referred to as Southern Bentonite. This type will swell only 2 times their unwetted volume. Southern Bentonite occurs in Mississippi, Arizona and other southern locations.

What is bentonite?

Bentonite clay is a fine-grained rock composed mainly of montmorillonite minerals. The formation of bentonite is an in situ alteration of rhyolitic volcanic ash. Pyroclastic material was ejected into the atmosphere by volcanic activity and deposited as sediment in a marine environment.

Bentonite clay is composed of microscopic platelets consisting of layers of aluminum hydroxide held between layers of silicate atoms. These platelets are stacked one on top of the other. If a gram of bentonite were spread out only one particle layer thick, its billions of particles would cover an area greater than a regulation football field.

Its color ranges from white to black and includes shades of gray, light olive green, cream, yellow, earthy red, brown, sky blue and purple. Bentonite feels and appears greasy or waxy and when wet it is highly plastic and slippery.

How about the production process and quality control process about the Organoclay?

The production process and quality control process of our Organoclay Rheological Additive is in the table as follows.

How to make a pre-gel and add it into the solvent?

1. Make a pre-gel:
A. Add 85-87% solvents or mixed solvents (mix)
B. Add 5-10% CP series organoclay (Dispersing at high speed(2500rpm) for 5-10 minutes)
C. Add polar activartor, 3-5% (Dispersing at high speed(2500rpm) for 15-20 minutes)

2. Addition method of pre-gel
A. For poor-wetting capacity resin systems (epoxy, polyester, short-oil alkyd, acrylic resin, etc.), in combination with surfactant, if it can develop thixotropy structure under shear, addition process is as follows:
1. Charge resin and solvents(mix)
2. CP pre-gel (mix)
3. Surfactant
4. Pigment (disperse)
5. Dilute to desired viscosity

B. For poor wetting capacity resin, non-thixotropic grind materials, if using surfactant, addition process is as follows:
1. Charge resin and solvents (mix)
2. Surfactant (if required)
3. Pigment
4. Disperse to desired fineness with grinding
5. CP pre-gel
6. Disperse completely to desired fineness
7. Dilute to desired viscosity
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May I learn current price conditions of the products?

Yes, please send an email to info@camp-shinning.com, our sales representatives will reply you in 24 hours about your requirements.

What is the minimum order amount that we can buy directly from China via vessel?

The total amount should be at least one pallet and we can load 600kg – 1000kg in a pallet depending on the product type. We are not recommending loading less than one pallet because of product safety inside the container. If you need less than these amounts, it’s better to make the delivery with air cargo.

How many days can we receive the products in our destination port?

In general, we are able to make our shipments in 5 -15 days after getting the official order. And it can take about 7 – 30 days depending on the distance and transportation way to arrive to the final port. These days can show slight variations according to the season and products.

Are you able to produce specific modified grades for my own formulation?

It’s not a problem. Our well experienced technical team and high-tech laboratories are able to check your special requests and we can produce different modified products for each different customer. Please just contact with our sales representatives.

If we have any technical questions or complaints after the shipment, which process should we follow?

Please contact with our sales representatives within 30 days after the receipt of the products in case of any complaints. For other technical requests, you can contact with us in 7/24.

Which types of packing are you using for the products?

We are using 25kg multi-layer paper bags and we are palletizing them as shrink-wrapped. But, we are able to use 500-1000 kg jumbo bags in case of any special requests.

How can I get more information about the products?

You can get basic technical information about our products from the PRODUCTS menu in our website. If you need more information, please kindly contact with our sales representative from the CONTACT form in our web-site or kindly send an email to info@camp-shinning.com

Which delivery ways can be used to purchase the products?

We can make cargo deliveries with vessel, plane, truck and train depending on the destination.