Bentonite ore detection method ②

Bentonite’s expansion multiple (Expansion capacity)

Main instruments and reagents

Measuring cylinder with plug

Hydrochloric acid solution (1mol/L), take 83 ml of hydrochloric acid and dilute with water to 1000 ml, shake up.


Operation steps

Weigh 1.000g of bentonite sample into a 100 ml graduated cylinder with 30-40 ml of water, and then add water to the 75 ml mark. Close the stopper and shake for 3 minutes to fully disperse the sample and mix with water, in a bright place Observe that there are no obvious particle clumps. Then open the stopper, add 25 ml of l mol/L hydrochloric acid solution, and then plug the stopper, and shake for 1 minute. Place the graduated cylinder on a non-vibrating table and let it stand for 24 hours. Read The scale value of the sediment interface is the expansion times, expressed in ml/g bentonite sample.