China Petroleum Drilling Institute developed drilling fluid to successfully replace foreign products

Recently, the high-temperature and high-density oil-based drilling fluid independently developed by the Drilling Institute has been successfully applied in the Qiansu 2 well in the Kunlun Mountains of the Tarim Basin, marking the successful replacement of foreign high-temperature and high-density oil-based drilling fluids with foreign technologies.

The pre-knowledge of the location of the Su 2 well is very different from the actual one. It took nearly two years to drill to the depth of 4575 meters in the early stage. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the drilling of Su 2 well, the drilling institute will provide technical support for on-site construction in real time and organize and manage it by project system. Through the joint efforts of many parties, the Su 2 well drilled to more than 6,000 meters in May this year and successfully drilled, and found a better oil and gas display.

The actual drilling shows that the high temperature and high density oil-based drilling fluid system independently developed by the Drilling Institute has stable performance, strong resistance to salt paste pollution, low fluid loss and high temperature filtration, good mud cake quality, small change of rheological properties of drilling fluid, and demulsification. The voltage is above 1000 volts, and the performance is stable, which effectively solves the problem of instability of the well wall of Su 2 well and the falling, shrinkage and diameter reduction of the target layer. There is no stuck or other accident caused by the drilling fluid, and the high efficiency is guaranteed. The safety implementation of the complex salt paste layer of Su 2 well and deep drilling, coring, electric measurement, casing and cementing completion operations. The unit cost is expected to be 20% to 30% lower than the foreign oil-based drilling fluid system used in the Kuqa Mountain front, and has a broad application prospect in Tarim.

The domestically developed high-temperature resistant high-density oil-based drilling fluid technology was successfully applied in the piedmont area of ​​the Tarim Basin for the first time. Its performance fully meets the requirements of ultra-deep well drilling site construction, and it is a domestically produced high-density and high-density oil-based drilling fluid technology for the Tarim Mountain area. The foundation has been laid.