Environmental friendly high temperature micro-foam drilling fluid has good application prospect

The environmental-friendly high-temperature micro-foam drilling fluid technology and application development project completed by China University of Petroleum (East China) has recently passed the expert appraisal organized by the Science and Technology Department of Shandong Province. The appraisal committee unanimously held that the results have reached an internationally advanced level overall, in which the research results of the collapse prevention mechanism of foam drilling fluids are at the leading international level.

The new achievements through systematic theory and experimental research, for low pressure, micro-crack formation leakage, collapse and oil and gas layer damage and other technical problems, developed an environmentally friendly high-temperature fresh water-based and sea-based recyclable micro-foam drilling fluid system and its application technology. At the same time, a simulation experiment device for high-temperature and high-density density evaluation of foam drilling fluid was developed, and software for calculation and analysis of cycle equivalent density of micro-bubble drilling fluid was developed, revealing the anti-collapse mechanism of micro-foam drilling fluid. At present, the research results have been field-tested and applied in oil fields such as Bohai Oilfield and Jilin Oilfield, with significant economic benefits.