The first high-density clay-free drilling fluid in China was successfully applied

In March 18th, the Yixin 1 well drilled in the Sichuan-Yunnan block, which was jointly developed by China and Canada, was successfully drilled. This marks the first high-density clay-free drilling fluid produced by the Sichuan Petroleum Administration. It has not only been successfully applied in the high-pressure and low-yield reservoirs of this well, but also effectively protected the production layer and avoided environmental pollution.

After the construction, the Canadian resident supervisor said with satisfaction: "Sichuan Petroleum Bureau has provided us with very good service. I am willing to recommend them to all companies that expect to be well served."

Yixin 1 Well is an exploration well in the Sichuan-Yunnan block developed by the Canadian Dynasty Energy Company and the Southwest Oil and Gas Field Company. The designed well depth is 3978 meters and the drilling depth is 4045 meters. This block is generally high-pressure and low-yield. In order to avoid solid-phase pollution in the production layer under the premise of safe drilling, the Canadian side has imposed strict requirements on the drilling fluid in the main production interval. In December last year, the Drilling Fluid Company of the Sichuan Bureau of Drilling and Production Technology won the bid for its high-density clay-free drilling fluid technology in the fierce competition and won the drilling fluid technical service contract for the main production interval.

During the construction, the technicians carefully designed the formula, closely tracked the pressure changes, adjusted the performance of the drilling fluid, ensured the good stability and rheology of the drilling fluid, and the entire process of the 300-meter footage was unobstructed and without a card, and the drilling was completed smoothly. Due to the full use of biodegradable biopolymer materials, drilling fluids that return to the surface minimize environmental pollution.

It is reported that the successful application of high-density clay-free drilling fluid above 2.0g/cm3 is the first in China. Authorities believe that this is of great significance for the efficient, safe and clean development of high-pressure and low-yield reservoirs in the future.